Welcome to our Second Life Project!

Italian Campus Classes is one of the first experiment in this field. It is an attempt to move beyond traditional approaches to language learning/teaching.

Our aim is to use Second Life, the innovative platforms for building and living a 3D world, to have and experience a real Italian language class from your home.

Our first experimentation will be held during the "Festival della Creatività" (Creativity Festival) organized from 25th to 28th October. The Italian language lessons will be hosted by the Official Island of Tuscany in Second Life.

Are you ready? If you want to partecipate, just log in to Second Life, search and subscribe to our SL group (called "I love italian language") and come to one of our language courses . If you want to keep updated, or discover more about our project, please register to our website.

Read more: About the projectClass Schedule | Teleport to our Italian Campus Classes