italian-lesson-second-life.jpg25/10/2007 - LESSON ABOUT THE ITALIAN LANGUAGE USEFULL TO SPEAK AND MEET PEOPLE IN SECOND LIFE (Lezione sulla lingua italiana di conversazione in Second Life)

Fianlly it is started the adventure of the Italian courses on Second Life: a new, funny and useful way of learning Italian by enjoying the peacefulness of your home, but while being really present and active in a virtual way in a multimedia classroom.

The first lesson has got a great success! Find the content of the 1st lesson and some pictures from our Italian Classes .

Scintilla and Sanda (our Italian teachers) teach Italian in a dynamic and interactive way, thanks to proofed learning methods used in the school since more than 30 years in real life. They are pleasing, and participants are flighty.

Today, lots of people were attending the lesson and many of them were foreigners unskilled in Italian language. This has been an interesting and useful lesson, especially for those participants who got in touch for the first time with knowledge of the Italian language.

We thank all the participants and we invite all visitors interested on it to join us.